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Why You Need Condo Insurance

Condo insurance policies are written just for condo owners. They are similar to policies for houses and rental units, but they are specifically tailored to condo owners. Your condo board will require you to have this insurance coverage. If you have a mortgage lender, you will also be required by them to have this insurance. They will want their investment protected. When you need condo insurance, call us today at Fuqua Insurance Agency in Tallahassee, FL.

Condo Protection

Part of the protection that you get from this insurance is coverage for the condo itself. This is written very specifically into your policy based on which portions of the building you own. You don’t have to get insurance for spaces such as outer walls and common spaces. This protection pays for repairs when the condo gets damaged. There are a lot of things that can happen to damage a condo, including certain disasters and calamities. You need to be prepared with this coverage that pays for repairs. Paying for repairs within insurance can be so expensive that it causes serious financial harm. Always keep this insurance to prevent that. 

Item Protection

Condo insurance also pays for your personal belongings that are damaged. If a covered, damaging incident happens, this coverage can pay for getting your items replaced. It’s a good idea to have this coverage with the high cost of replacing so many items. When you add up the value of everything in a condo, it adds up to quite a lot. Without this insurance, it could be very difficult to get everything replaced. 

Get Your Condo Insurance

It’s a good idea to have your condo insurance from the first day that you own your condo. To get your policy, it’s time to call us at Fuqua Insurance Agency in Tallahassee, FL. 

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