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Does boat insurance cover travel in international waters?

At Fuqua Insurance Agency, we serve Tallahassee, FL area residents with the boat insurance they need to protect their finances and property. We’ll help to explain how to make sure that your boat coverage protects you in both domestic and international waters.

Domestic Waters Boat Coverage

The typical policies we sell cover a boat in domestic waters only, meaning US inland bodies of water, including lakes, rivers, ponds, streams, and the ocean along the US coastline. Before a boater can travel into international waters with boat coverage, they need to add on an international travel rider otherwise their boat policy does not cover navigating international waters.

Adding International Waters Coverage

Adding that extra coverage doesn’t take much effort. Simply phone or email us a few days to a week before your trip into the ocean’s depths beyond the Florida coastline. We can add your international waters coverage over the phone or via email.

International waters coverage does more than protect your physical property on your boat and pay for repairs to your boat if it incurs damage. It also extends your liability coverage into those waters beyond the coast. Without this coverage, if involved in an accident in international waters, the boater can also find themselves in trouble with the country of jurisdiction.

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Don’t go into international waters unprotected by boat insurance! Your domestic boat insurance does not apply there. Fully protect yourself, your property, and others on the water by obtaining international water coverage. It only adds a few dollars to your monthly premium but affords you vast protection. Contact Fuqua Insurance Agency, serving Tallahassee, FL to better protect your financial future.

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