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When will an umbrella policy come into play to protect your business?

Fuqua Insurance Agency is proud to work closely with the business community of the greater Tallahassee, FL area. We value the services that our business leaders provide to our community and are here to help with insurance needs. If you are just getting started out, or you have a long-established company, give us a call for all of your commercial insurance needs!

Umbrella insurance coverage triggers

When it comes to umbrella insurance, many business owners have a lot of questions. There can be some confusion about exactly what type of protection these policies offer, and when they are used.

Typically, an umbrella policy will come into play in the event that your primary policy is exhausted. This means that if you suffer from a lawsuit and the liability damages are greater than the amount that your primary policy provides, your umbrella policy would kick into action.

This type of policy provides excess liability protection and can help save the business and its principals from financial responsibility. When a primary policy is exhausted, the additional liability or damages will then become the responsibility of the firm. Depending on how the company is structured, this could mean that the principals themselves would be held personally responsible for any remaining financial damages.  

Fortunately, this scenario of personal responsibility can be easily avoided! Now is a great time to get an umbrella policy in place for your company.

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Tallahassee, FL area business owners rely on the team at Fuqua Insurance Agency. If you would like to learn more about umbrella insurance policies and how they can help to protect your company, give us a call or stop by today. We look forward to collaborating with you!

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