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Auto Insurance Terms You Should Know

Buying an auto policy for the first time can often prove challenging, given the numerous insurance jargon that comes with the purchase process. To help with this, Fuqua Insurance Agency lists standard terms you should know before signing up for your auto policy. In addition to helping starters navigate this path, the following guide will also come in handy for any Tallahassee, FL car owners looking to reacquaint themselves with auto policy terms in readiness for their next purchase.

Liability Insurance

Liability insurance refers to the minimum amount of coverage that every driver is required to have. While the minimum coverage varies in each state, insurance options covering 3rd party bodily injury liability and property damage liability will often be sufficient. Such auto policies help you cover the costs of injuries to other parties while also taking care of 3rd party property repair and replacement costs.


Damages refer to the costs you will be required to legally pay to other parties when found liable for injuries caused in an accident. Damages are also awarded to 3rd parties when accidents result in property damage requiring repairs or replacement.


Damage refers to any destruction of property such as vehicles or buildings or harm caused to a person. During an accident, damage can be used to refer to injuries that you, your passengers, or 3rd parties sustain or property loss that the listed parties also incur.


Coverage is the term used to refer to the specific benefits that your policy provides. Examples include collision coverage that pays for expenses arising from impact accidents and comprehensive coverage that protects you when your vehicle gets damaged during vandalism or fire outbreaks.

Personal Injury Protection

Personal injury protection is a policy that takes care of your medical costs when you get into an accident. It also pays for lost wages for you and your passengers.

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