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Life Insurance – Calculate Your Final Expenses

Your life insurance policy will pay for your final expenses. Use the following guidelines to help you estimate the cost of your final expenses. Then, contact an agent who serves Tallahassee, FL, to inquire about life insurance products.

Debts and Current Bills

Your insurance coverage can be used to pay off debts and bills that you are currently responsible for. Assess your finances. This assessment should include determining how much money you owe creditors.

Remember that once you pass away, your living heirs will need to pay off the debts and any bills you are currently handling. Prepare a list of all the expenses. The information may help you when you are comparing different life insurance products.

Medical Expenses

Your insurance policy can be used to pay for recurring medical expenses. Your health insurance plan will not cover these expenses. If you have a chronic medical condition, assess the likelihood of seeking additional medical services in the future. Keep track of how much you will be responsible for paying.

Memorial and Burial Expenses

It is a good idea to choose the manner in which you would like your memorial to be set up. This will prevent any confusion if you accidentally pass away.

Prepare a list that outlines the funeral home where you would like the funeral to be held. Choose an urn or casket that will be used to store your remains. Calculate the cost of each memorial and burial product that interests you.

Contact Fuqua Insurance Agency

Contact a Fuqua Insurance Agency representative at a convenient time. The agent will inform you about some life insurance products that may interest you.

Term Life Insurance vs. Permanent Life Insurance: Which One is Right for You?

Choosing the right type of life insurance in Tallahassee, FL can be confusing and overwhelming. Term life insurance covers a specific period, while permanent life insurance provides lifelong coverage. Fuqua Insurance Agency explains more differences.

Understanding Term Life Insurance

Term life insurance is a type of life insurance that provides coverage for a specified period, usually between 10 to 30 years. It is designed to provide financial protection to your loved ones in case of your unexpected death. Term life insurance is relatively inexpensive compared to permanent life insurance because it only provides coverage for a limited period.


• Affordable premiums

• Flexible coverage

• Ideal for short-term financial needs


• No cash value accumulation

• Coverage ends when the term expires

• Premiums increase when you renew or extend your policy

Understanding Permanent Life Insurance

Permanent life insurance provides lifelong coverage until the policyholder passes away, as long as the premiums are paid. This type of insurance is typically more expensive than term life insurance because it provides coverage for an indefinite period.


• Lifetime coverage

• Cash value accumulation

• Ideal for long-term financial goals such as estate planning or legacy-building


• Higher premiums

• Less flexible coverage

• Accumulated cash value may be subject to taxes and fees

Reach Out To Us

If you’re looking for life insurance in the Tallahassee, FL metroplex, it’s crucial to pick the right type. Term life insurance is cheaper and offers coverage for a specific timeframe, while permanent life insurance provides lifelong protection and may accumulate cash value. Get in touch with Fuqua Insurance Agency now for further details on choosing between term and permanent life insurance.

What type of life insurance should I get?

Anyone living in or around Tallahassee, FL will want to know that they are properly insured. While you will want coverage for your assets and to reduce liability risk, you also need to consider your life insurance needs. A life insurance plan is a great way to provide support and protection for your dependents. As you are looking for coverage, you will find there are multiple options available, and picking the right plan is important.

Basics of Life Insurance

Term Life

A term life insurance policy is very common. With this type of coverage, you will have life insurance support for the defined term length. You can curtail these policies to meet your needs regarding coverage amount and length of time. Another advantage of this is that a term life insurance plan can be more affordable than other options, which could allow you to purchase more coverage.

Whole Life

A whole life insurance policy is also a good option to consider. This coverage can remain in place for as long as you want. Those choosing whole life insurance will also enjoy the investment benefits. Each month, a portion of your payment will be invested in a low-risk account that will grow over the years. Eventually, you can close this and liquidate the cash. 

Get Life Insurance Today

There are various advantages of getting a life insurance policy when you are in Tallahassee, FL. As you are looking for a new life insurance plan here, it would be helpful for you to call our team of experienced insurance experts at Fuqua Insurance Agency.

There are many choices to make when looking for coverage and the Fuqua Insurance Agency can help you build an ideal plan. This will help ensure you have proper coverage, which could also provide peace of mind that you are prepared for the unexpected. 

Here’s Why You Might Want Term Life Insurance

Term life insurance policies don’t get the respect they deserve, as they can provide many benefits for those who purchase them. Thankfully, Tallahassee, FL residents can work with us at Fuqua Insurance Agency to find the high-quality policy that makes the most sense for their needs.

Why Term Life Insurance Benefits Many 

When facing the choice between whole and term life insurance, whole life often makes sense to many. However, term life has benefits and is often chosen over more extensive options. For example, you can get a high level of benefits for the lowest premium with a term policy, particularly when you start. 

Though your term cost will increase over time, this choice is wise for older adults who probably don’t have a whole term left to their life. For example, people aged 60 and 70 likely find that term life is a great and inexpensive option for their needs and decreases their concern over passing. 

That said, this option is also a surprisingly affordable one for younger buyers. For instance, people in their 30s or 40s in a dangerous job may find high-quality coverage that suits their needs. This option is often a good way for somebody to check out a policy and see what it may provide. 

And people who want a loan may also find a term life policy is a great option. That’s because these inexpensive policies can be used as collateral, expanding your potential borrowing options and giving you a better chance of getting the kind of interest rate and premium that you want and deserve. 

Finding a Policy 

Do you want a term life policy to protect yourself and your loved ones? Then, please make sure that you reach out to us at Fuqua Insurance Agency to learn more. We serve the Tallahassee, FL, area and will do what we can to satisfy your needs and give you the coverage that you crave for your needs.

What are the benefits of getting life insurance?

When you are in the Tallahassee, FL area, there will be many different types of insurance that you need to have. One type of insurance that you need to spend time carefully considering is life insurance. For those that are in this area of Florida, several benefits come with life insurance that could make it a great investment for you.

Coverage Provides Protection for Dependants

The primary benefit of life insurance is that it can provide you with protection for your dependents. If there are people in your life that depend on your income, you will want to make sure that they are covered financially if you were to pass away. When you choose a new life insurance policy, you can pick one with a term length and coverage level that provides protection and peace of mind.

Good Investment Option

It would help if you also considered a life insurance policy because it can be a good investment option. When you get a whole life insurance policy, some of your payments will go into an account that will grow with interest over time. Eventually, you will be able to liquidate this account or post it as collateral for a loan. 

There are clearly many advantages that come when you get a life insurance policy in the Tallahassee, FL area. If you are shopping for this insurance here, you may find that picking a policy is confusing and challenging. To ensure that you get into the best policy possible, you should speak with the Fuqua Insurance Agency team. When you are going to call the Fuqua Insurance Agency, you will learn more about your options, which will help you choose the right policy for your business. 

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