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Life Insurance – Calculate Your Final Expenses

Your life insurance policy will pay for your final expenses. Use the following guidelines to help you estimate the cost of your final expenses. Then, contact an agent who serves Tallahassee, FL, to inquire about life insurance products.

Debts and Current Bills

Your insurance coverage can be used to pay off debts and bills that you are currently responsible for. Assess your finances. This assessment should include determining how much money you owe creditors.

Remember that once you pass away, your living heirs will need to pay off the debts and any bills you are currently handling. Prepare a list of all the expenses. The information may help you when you are comparing different life insurance products.

Medical Expenses

Your insurance policy can be used to pay for recurring medical expenses. Your health insurance plan will not cover these expenses. If you have a chronic medical condition, assess the likelihood of seeking additional medical services in the future. Keep track of how much you will be responsible for paying.

Memorial and Burial Expenses

It is a good idea to choose the manner in which you would like your memorial to be set up. This will prevent any confusion if you accidentally pass away.

Prepare a list that outlines the funeral home where you would like the funeral to be held. Choose an urn or casket that will be used to store your remains. Calculate the cost of each memorial and burial product that interests you.

Contact Fuqua Insurance Agency

Contact a Fuqua Insurance Agency representative at a convenient time. The agent will inform you about some life insurance products that may interest you.

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