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When Is Minimum Insurance Recommended?

When it comes to car insurance in Tallahassee, FL, you never want to drive with less than the minimum legal required amount, and you usually want to drive with full coverage. But there may be instances where you don’t really need any more than the legal minimum.

Rule of Thumb

The simplest way to determine if you need full coverage is to consider this rule of thumb: If one year’s premium payments come out to more than the car’s current value, you might as well drop everything but liability and any medical policies you’re holding.

With a new car, collision and comprehensive are a must. And you’ll probably want gap insurance and replacement coverage, too. But once you hit that 250k mile marker on the odometer and you’re not sure if your car even has another year left in it, all of those other policies will wind up costing you more than they’ll ever payout.

It can be hard to accept when your car is past its prime, but you can’t insure it for its sentimental value, only for the cold hard cash you’d get if you were to sell it.

You never want to drive with less coverage than you need, but you don’t want to pay more than your car is worth to protect its value, either.

If you have any questions or if you’re looking to get covered in Tallahassee, FL, get in touch with the Fuqua Insurance Agency. You can call or visit the Fuqua Insurance Agency website in order to get a quote on the insurance you need, whether that’s just the basics or a full package.

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