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Packing a Flood Survival Bag

Does sitting on your roof and waiting for a chopper or boat really not appeal to you? If you get ample warning of your area being flooded due to a hurricane or other disaster, your best bet may be to get out of Dodge (or Tallahassee) and get out fast! You might not have much time to pack on getting a warning, so it may be a good idea to have a bug-out bag ready. This is a backpack or duffle bag packed with everything you need to go when it’s time to go. 

The Essentials of a Flood Survival Kit

The first thing you’ll need, of course, is a bag. It should be lightweight yet sturdy with many pockets and compartments. Water-resistant is a must. In best best-case scenario, you’ll be able to go to another property or a friend or family member’s home to wait it out or at least rent a hotel or motel room. Medium case scenario, you go to a temporary shelter where supplies are limited. Worst case scenario, you’re sleeping in your car, if you have one. While you will be traveling light, here are some things you will need. 

  • Documentation. Keep a copy of your driver’s license, passport, deeds, insurance policies, and other important papers in a sealed plastic bag. Keep a list of important phone numbers here in case you lose your phone or it runs out of juice. 
  • First Aid Kit. It should have swabs, dressings, bandages, iodine, and antibacterial ointments. Tweezers, scissors, and insect repellant are also handy. Include aspirin, hand sanitizer, cold medicine, and any prescription medication you need. If you wear glasses, carry a spare. 
  • Food and Water. People can go without water for three days, but you don’t want to. It may be awkward to carry gallons of water, but bring some in a puncture-proof bottle. Bring some water purification tablets and enough food for three days that won’t spoil. 
  • Clothes Bring lots of socks, preferably woolen ones. Bring enough clothes and underwear for three days. A blanket or sleeping bag would be a good idea.
  • Hygiene items. This is a toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, soap, toilet paper, and feminine hygiene products if you need them.

Looking for Insurance in Tallahassee, FL? Fuqua Insurance Agency Can Help!

This is just the basics. We at Fuqua Insurance Agency wish the best for those we serve in the greater Tallahassee, FL community, but here’s the minimum of what you need should you be forced to leave your home. 

Why do people in Florida need to have flood insurance?

Anyone that lives in the Tallahassee, FL area will know that there is always a risk of flood and water damage. Due to this, it is important that property owners here get proper insurance to protect their homes. A great way that this is done is by investing in a flood insurance policy.

There are multiple reasons why property owners in Florida need this unique coverage:

Cover Property

An important reason for anyone to get this type of coverage is so they can protect their property. If a home is affected by a flood, the impact and damage can be significant. As this could severely damage property and cost a lot of money to fix, having the right insurance is important. The best way to mitigate this risk is with flood insurance, which will provide you with support if your home is damaged in these situations. 

Meet Requirements

As you are looking to purchase a home in Florida, it is important that you meet any insurance standards set by a lender or home association. In most cases, this will require you to have flood insurance if the property is in a flood zone. Maintaining this coverage will keep you in good standing and can allow you to avoid penalization. 

Contact Us Today

If you are going to purchase a home or other real estate in the Tallahassee, FL area, it is very important that you assess your insurance needs. A form of coverage all people here should assess is flood coverage. When you are looking for this coverage, the Fuqua Insurance Agency can help. If you do call the Fuqua Insurance Agency, you can learn a lot about your needs and options to ensure you are able to build a quality insurance plan. 

Should you get flood insurance in Florida?

Property owners in the Tallahassee, FL area will find that it can be a great place to own real estate. While there are plenty of advantages, there are risks as well. One risk is that the home can be damaged during a flood. As this is a risk that always exists, it is important to insure against it as well as you can with a flood insurance plan. There are various reasons that you should get a flood insurance policy. 

Coverage is Needed to Offset Flood Risk

When you are in the state of Florida, you need to be aware of your risk of flood damage. Unfortunately, you may only receive very limited coverage for flood damage through your standard home insurance plan. If you get a flood insurance plan, it can help to offset this concern as it will specifically provide coverage for damage sustained in a flood. This will ensure you are prepared during a challenging situation. 

Insurance is a Requirement

You should also opt for a flood insurance plan as it could be a requirement for you. Those that are going to buy a home and take out a mortgage are going to have to comply with standards set by the mortgage lender. If you are in a flood zone, this will include having flood insurance. With a proper plan, you will meet these standards and remain in good standing. 

Owning a home is a great option for people in the Tallahassee, FL area. As you are looking to purchase a property, you should call Fuqua Insurance Agency to discuss your insurance needs. This will include helping you assess if you need flood coverage. If necessary, Fuqua Insurance Agency can offer the support that you need to pick your next insurance plan. 

Will flood insurance properly protect someone in Florida?

Living in the Tallahassee, FL area can be an ideal situation for a lot of people. While this area of Florida has nice weather and a good economy, some property owners will be at risk of having their homes damaged by floodwaters. Due to this, having a flood insurance plan in place is often a good idea. When you do have a flood coverage plan, you can receive protection in a few ways.

Building Coverage

One form of coverage that you will receive with flood insurance is coverage for your property. The building coverage component of your flood insurance will protect your dwelling and major components of it. This includes the large appliances, installed carpet, electrical and plumbing systems, and other parts that are considered to be part of the permanent structure. The insurance can be used to repair or replace these items.

Personal Items Coverage

If you get a flood insurance plan, you will also get coverage for your personal assets stored within your home. All people are going to have money invested in personal belongings that you will want to receive reimbursement for. Some personal items that will be covered include clothing, furniture, personal electronics, or smaller appliances that are easily moved. This ensures you will have the support to replace these items if you incur a major loss. 

There are clearly a lot of advantages that come with having a flood insurance plan in the Tallahassee, FL area. When you are assessing your various options, it would be smart to call the Fuqua Insurance Agency. The insurance professionals with the Fuqua Insurance Agency can help you build a plan that will give you ideal protection and support. They can also answer any questions that you have and ensure you get into a plan that offers the right coverage. 

What Your Personal Florida Condo Insurance Does and Does Not Cover

Condo insurance is not mandatory in Florida if you own your condo outright, but if you don’t, your lender or mortgage broker will probably require it. Still, it’s a good idea to get it, because you will have contents and valuables that you want to cover. You also want to protect yourself from liabilities that could happen in your home.

At Fuqua Insurance Agency, we want Tallahassee, FL residents to be protected and covered for every risk that could happen in their homes.

Learn more about what condo insurance does and does not cover here.

What is Covered by Condo Insurance?

Condo insurance will cover what you want it to cover. You can get liability insurance, property insurance, and contents coverage. There are a number of additional coverages that you can get beyond a basic liability and contents package.

Your personal liability coverage will also cover you in the event that there is an accident or injury in your home that you are found to be at fault for. This could be something such as a dog bite, a slip, and fall, or an accident. Both dog bites and slip and falls are billion-dollar problems in the United States as they can cause serious injury. You’ll want a good liability policy.

You might also want guest medical coverage, which can cover the medical costs of a guest if they become injured in your home. This would cover injuries for which you are not at fault. For example, if a guest burned themselves on your stove when they were cooking.

What is Not Covered by Condo Insurance?

Your condo insurance will not cover contents and liabilities in the main sections of your condo building or compound. The main entrances, elevators, hallways, and anywhere where there are common areas would be covered by your condo association insurance policy, or master condo insurance policy. 

The master policy may also cover the walls and floors of your home. Find out from your condo association what is covered in the master policy.

Get a Quote

Although condo insurance may seem simple, these are just a few of the things that it will cover. You can get as thorough a policy as you want. At Fuqua Insurance Agency, we want Tallahassee, FL condo owners to have the most thorough policy for their needs. Call us today for a quote.

4 Facts About Flood Insurance

Since floods are the most causes of natural disasters in America, it’s no surprise for homeowners to consider flood insurance. However, while buying flood insurance, you might encounter false information that may cloud your judgment, leading you to make misinformed decisions. Thankfully, Fuqua Insurance Agency is here to set the record straight for Tallahassee, FL residents shopping for flood insurance. Here are four facts you need to know about flood insurance.

Home insurance doesn’t cover flood damage

Many homeowners buy home insurance with the hope that it protects them from floods. Typical home insurance won’t protect your home when floods strike. Home insurance will cover water damage if the cause comes from within the house (for instance, leaking pipes). For this reason, you need flood insurance to avoid a bad experience when filing a claim.

You need flood insurance even if you reside in low-risk areas

According to FEMA, approximately 20 percent of all flood insurance claims come from residents in areas considered to have low to moderate flood risk! Given that floods can strike anywhere, every homeowner should consider buying this coverage. 

Federal government assists, but you still need flood insurance

You will be lucky if there is a Presidential Disaster Declaration to declare floods in your area a national disaster because this isn’t always the case. But even when federal assistance is given, it’s in the form of a loan that you are supposed to pay at an interest! Besides, it would help if you still had flood insurance even after getting a federal grant because floods can strike again. 

Flood insurance exclusions

While flood insurance covers flooding, it won’t cover flooding resulting from malfunctioning pipes and other appliances. Flood insurance covers overland flooding. Simply put, flood insurance covers water damage resulting from an overflow of land that is usually dry.

Buy flood insurance today!

Are you looking for flood insurance coverage in Tallahassee, FL? Please contact Fuqua Insurance Agency for an affordable quote.

5 Reasons Florida Homeowners Need Flood Insurance

Florida is well known for its tropical storms and hurricanes that can cause extensive flooding. This puts Florida homeowners at risk of flood damage. With flood insurance from Fuqua Insurance Agency, you can safeguard your home and valuables against flood disasters. Here are a few good reasons to consider purchasing flood coverage for your Tallahassee, FL home.

Home Insurance Doesn’t Cover Flood Damage.

Home insurance covers flooding due to broken pipes or other plumbing issues. It doesn’t, however, cover floods from rising rivers or ocean surges. Without proper flood protection, you risk losing all you own to a flood disaster.

Floods Can Occur Anywhere

Floods aren’t restricted to flood zones in Tallahassee, FL. They can occur anywhere, even in low-risk flood areas. For this reason, it’s important to protect yourself with flood coverage.

Flood Damage is Catastrophic

It doesn’t take a large flood to cause disastrous damage. Even a few inches of water can leave behind tens of thousands of dollars’ worth of damages. Unless you have the funds to repair or replace your home or goods on your own, you will do well to protect your property with flood insurance.

You Can’t Depend on Federal Assistance.

Federal assistance is only offered for flood areas that are declared federal disasters. This aid comes in the form of loans that need to be repaid, meaning you’ll still suffer financial loss. In contrast, flood insurance compensates you for your loss, saving you thousands of dollars or more out of pocket.

Peace of Mind

Flood insurance is for any Florida homeowner who wants peace of mind that their home and goods are protected against the risk of flooding. By purchasing flood coverage now, you can be prepared when flood disasters strike.

To purchase your flood policy, contact Fuqua Insurance Agency, serving residents in Tallahassee, FL.


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