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Do I need umbrella insurance in Florida?

People that live in the Tallahassee, FL area have many insurance needs. For many residents, this includes getting home and auto insurance, which protects valuable assets and offers liability protection. When you are in Florida, getting an umbrella insurance plan is also beneficial as it can offer extended liability protection. There are a few reasons why people should get umbrella coverage. 

You Want Coverage for Big Claims

A situation when it could be a good idea to get umbrella insurance is when you are concerned about large liability claims. If you are ever at fault in an accident that results in major damages, the liability claim could exceed your home or auto policy. Fortunately, you can also get an umbrella insurance plan which will provide you with coverage on top of your other insurance plan in place. 

You Want Coverage for Unexpected Situations

You will also need to get an umbrella plan if you are concerned about the unexpected. While it is possible to predict certain liability risks and insure against them, there are other risks out there that are harder to predict and present serious liability risks. A great way to mitigate these risks is by getting an umbrella plan as it offers more blanket coverage that can cover a wide range of risks that could result in a personal liability claim.

Having proper insurance in Tallahassee, FL is important. As you build a personal insurance plan and are thinking about umbrella coverage, you should call the Fuqua Insurance Agency. The insurance professionals with the Fuqua Insurance Agency understand the importance of this coverage. They can then give you the support needed to choose a plan that is right for your situation. 

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