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4 Facts About Flood Insurance

Since floods are the most causes of natural disasters in America, it’s no surprise for homeowners to consider flood insurance. However, while buying flood insurance, you might encounter false information that may cloud your judgment, leading you to make misinformed decisions. Thankfully, Fuqua Insurance Agency is here to set the record straight for Tallahassee, FL residents shopping for flood insurance. Here are four facts you need to know about flood insurance.

Home insurance doesn’t cover flood damage

Many homeowners buy home insurance with the hope that it protects them from floods. Typical home insurance won’t protect your home when floods strike. Home insurance will cover water damage if the cause comes from within the house (for instance, leaking pipes). For this reason, you need flood insurance to avoid a bad experience when filing a claim.

You need flood insurance even if you reside in low-risk areas

According to FEMA, approximately 20 percent of all flood insurance claims come from residents in areas considered to have low to moderate flood risk! Given that floods can strike anywhere, every homeowner should consider buying this coverage. 

Federal government assists, but you still need flood insurance

You will be lucky if there is a Presidential Disaster Declaration to declare floods in your area a national disaster because this isn’t always the case. But even when federal assistance is given, it’s in the form of a loan that you are supposed to pay at an interest! Besides, it would help if you still had flood insurance even after getting a federal grant because floods can strike again. 

Flood insurance exclusions

While flood insurance covers flooding, it won’t cover flooding resulting from malfunctioning pipes and other appliances. Flood insurance covers overland flooding. Simply put, flood insurance covers water damage resulting from an overflow of land that is usually dry.

Buy flood insurance today!

Are you looking for flood insurance coverage in Tallahassee, FL? Please contact Fuqua Insurance Agency for an affordable quote.

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